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The Agua Special Utility District (Agua SUD) has been under construction of a “first time” wastewater collection system serving the city of Palmview and funded by Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). Therefore, this project consists of connecting the residential and multi-family dwellings to the new Wastewater Collections System. The scope of work will consist of Furnishing and Installing 4-inch and 6-inch Sanitary Sewer Yard Line Connections, which will require: Disconnecting Pumping, Disposing of Spoil Material (approved TCEQ disposal site) and Decommissioning Existing Septic Tanks and/or Cesspools; Connecting SDR 35 PVC to Existing Sanitary Sewer and Grey Water Pipes exiting the home within the residential and multi-family dwellings as required by the Plumbing Code and TCEQ; Landscape and/or other Surface Media Repairs.

Closing Date
April 27, 2020 at 3:00 PM

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Addendums will be posted here if needed.

The construction of certain portions of the Palmview Wastewater Collection System project which includes excavation, embankment, installation of gravity sewer lines, force mains, manholes, pavement replacement, etc., as shown in the plans and specifications.

Closing Date
Monday 4, 2020 at 3:00 AM

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Bid/Contract Documents are available by contacting Agua S.U.D. office at 956-585-2459

2023 CCR Water Quality Report

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